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Production of glass containers
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 9:00-17:30, Sat-Sun: closed

Glass Carafe "Uzornyi"

Product Drawing
Trademark 104089
Номер патента 104089


  • 0.5 L
Количество в паллете, шт Высота паллеты, мм Вес паллеты, кг
1521 ---- 583

Glass carafe "The round with pattern" - development of "SLODES", 2014. Carafe is designed for strong transparent alcoholic beverages, as well as for cognac, salves or tinctures. At the bottom of carafe are displayed, which have already become classics for "SLODES" decorative ornaments, supplemented with new elements unique to this carafe. Carafe can be used in a composition with a glass stopper.

In addition to this product model, we have clear bottles wholesale.

Capacity 0.5
1.Glass Carafe "Uzornyi"
2.Glass Carafe "Uzornyi"
3.Glass Carafe "Uzornyi"
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