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Glass bottle «Ustyanochka»



Product Drawing
Номер патента 109024
Номер патента 109024


  • 0.5 L
  • 0.75 L

Glass Bottle “Ustyanochka”. The silhouette of the bottle is sturdy and straightforward. Stylish and devoid of any unnecessary details, the shape of this bottle stands out for its elegance among its competitors. The shoulders of the bottle, which are adjacent to the neck at a straight angle, logically complete the strict image. The glass bottle is designed primarily for strong, clear spirits. It is especially well adapted for brands offering beverages with a male taste that filter out any extra tenderness or romance.

Slodes company is engaged in the production of glass bottles.

Capacity 0.75, 0.5
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1.0 Glass bottle «Ustyanochka»1.1 Glass bottle «Ustyanochka»
1.Glass bottle «Ustyanochka»
2.Glass bottle «Ustyanochka»
3.Glass bottle «Ustyanochka»
4.Glass bottle «Ustyanochka»
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