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Glass bottle «Granite P»


  • 0.1 L
  • 0.2 L
  • 0.5 L
  • 0.7 L
  • 1.0 L

The strict geometric shape of the bottle "Granite P" underlines the fortress and noble beverage contents. Silhouette of the bottle is stable and straightforward. This bottle was designed for sub-premium and premium alcoholic products. Stable, straight shape, coupled with a decent content create a unique combination. Glass bottle "Granite P" is presented with a whisk type "Camu".

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1.0 Glass bottle «Granite P»1.1 Glass bottle «Granite P»1.2 Glass bottle «Granite P»1.3 Glass bottle «Granite P»1.4 Glass bottle «Granite P»
1.Glass bottle «Granite P»
2.Glass bottle «Granite P»
3.Glass bottle «Granite P»
4.Glass bottle «Granite P»
5.Glass bottle «Granite P»
6.Glass bottle «Granite P»
Glass bottle «Granite P»