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Szklana karafka «Dio»



Номер патента 84055
Номер патента 84055


  • 0.5 L
  • 1.0 L

The glass carafe is designed in compliance with the specification of Dio, LLC for their very own vodka brand titled “Lyubimiy Grafinchik” TM. The body of the carafe has a carefully selected labeling area that was obtained by the vertical cut of the sphere. This allows for the use of labels printed on the reverse side to get the desired optical effects on the reverse side. The carafe is used together with a round glass stopper. It can be used as a carafe for cognac, vodka and liqueurs.

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1.0 Szklana karafka «Dio»
1.Szklana karafka «Dio»
2.Szklana karafka «Dio»
3.Szklana karafka «Dio»
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