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Production of glass containers
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 9:00-17:30, Sat-Sun: closed

Our services

Services 1

Full service package

FROM 38 500$

The "Full" package includes the services of the "Medium" package, with molded kits made for the glass-forming machines of our production sites.

Services 2

Small package of services

FROM 10 000$

Based on the technical specifications or the sketch you provided, our designers will develop a design drawing and a computer 3-D model of the designed product.

Services 3

Average package of services

FROM 45 000$

After approval of the drawing and visual prototype of the bottle, our specialists develop design documentation for the details of the mold set of future glass products - for a specific glass-forming machine, for that glass factory, which will offer you

Services 4

Bottle Design

The design of a new, original glass bottle is a creative process that is based on a specific technology. Industrial designers, creating objects for strictly utilitarian purposes, perform highly artistic work, because they basically create the way you perceive the product image.

Services 5

Development and manufacture of glass bottles

The production of glass bottles begins with the careful design of the bottle. This is followed by design documentation and the construction of a mold for the industrial manufacture of bottles.

Services 6

Trademark Creation

Having survived years of Soviet power and the dominance of perestroika-time dominance of foreign alcohol brands, vodka still remains the most popular product among people and is characterized by high demand amongst consumers of different income and taste preferences.



There are no defined specific recipes. Trademarks are so unique and different from each other that we have to work with every client individually. We provide a draft of offered services, but we are ready to perform any stage of work or the entire work complex for you.

  • creation of the trademark for your product, of the new brand;
  • checking for infringement for future branding and patents;
  • creating new designs, performing sketch layouts, conducting 3-D modeling of glass bottles and vials for new and existing brands of alcohol and perfume;
  • checking against trademark infringement and industrial model patents of glass bottles and glass containers;
  • designing labels and decorative surfaces for any trademark;
  • checking for trademark infringement and patent protection for 3-D trademarks;
  • pilot production of molds and mold sets for serial production of bottles and containers, and their testing;
  • serial manufacture and supply of branded glass bottles, carafes, glass stoppers, perfume bottles, etc.;
  • adaptation of glass bottles, carafes, perfume bottles to the client product lines;
  • design of POS-materials and their delivery.
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