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Decorative glass bottle – it is an artform!

- How do you make the consumer’s hand reach out for your vodka, liqueurs, wine, mineral water, brandy, or any other of your original products?
- How do you present your product with a more impressionable image for the most hard to impress consumer?
- And is it possible that the product can sell itself without a huge investment in promotion and advertising?

We can help you to be successful in the difficult conditions of the FMCG market!

SLODES knows how to create a great beverage image.
SLODES can create a refined style even for low-cost alcoholic beverages.

You know as good as us what kind of stunning effects can be created by expressive and interesting bottles, jars, and containers when displaying a new brand product on the market.
For more than a decade, glass bottles is an area where “SLODES” has firmly occupied a niche and has been steadily increasing its share of the market.
Glass bottles and containers from “SLODES” encapsulate original ideas for millions of units with high-tech consumer packaging, down to the nearest millimeter, adapted to the peculiarities of bottling lines.

Developing and designing a variety of bottles with transparent glass or clad in noble frost is only a small part of what we can do for you when you create a new product image or transform an already existing one.
You can rely on us for integrated brand creation and development.
We adapt the concept, creation of formulas, naming, bottle design and labeling, registration with the Federal Institute for Industrial Property and even assist in the initial distribution of the product.

“Treugolka” vodka is a great example of what we are capable of doing for you. Having conquered the PRODUCT EXPO 2008, “Treugolka” has won the hearts of consumers from all over Russia. “Treugolka” vodka is a recognized familiar brand on tables in Smolensk, Bryansk, Oryol and Kostroma regions and even the Republic of Adygeya is associated with the elegant glass vodka bottle inscribed with the ““Treugolka” logo.

We are fully prepared to save you time by presenting you with a selection of manufacturers’ labels, corks, shrink caps and other accessories to choose from.
Our well developed connections with dozens of suppliers will provide you with fully decorated bottles that embody “haute couture” within the confines of the most realistic budget!

As you can see, we address a wide range of marketing objectives, while keeping ‘the glass’ itself as the central theme to our business.
In the “Projects” section, we provide a collection of glass bottles with the most incredible shapes as well as bottles with strict classic shapes.

Do you need glass bottles with cork urgently but not ready to wait for a bottle design to be developed and molds to be manufactured?
There’s no question or task too difficult for us to handle! We will select some ready-made designs to choose from…. just for you and your brand.

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