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Trademark Creation

Alcohol brands

Having survived years of Soviet power and the dominance of perestroika-time dominance of foreign alcohol brands, vodka still remains the most popular product among people and is characterized by high demand amongst consumers of different income and taste preferences. However, creating a new vodka brand each year for presentation to customers is becoming increasingly more of a challenge. The Russian vodka market is extremely saturated. In conditions of rigid competition, occupying their market segment and strengthening their position in the market is only possible for alcoholic brands, whose production and promotion are greatly assisted by the efforts and the knowledge of highly qualified professionals, designers, marketers and promoters.

Just think of how many new spirit brands have emerged in recent years? Literally hundreds. And how many of them have completely disappeared from the shelves and how many continue to enjoy steady demand among consumers? Only a few dozen! A brand of vodka that is popular for more than a decade is a rare exception. And the problem is not that the product quality deteriorates with years; the problems occur when you create a new brand of vodka without taking into consideration all the necessary details.

“SLODES”- creating a vodka brand from scratch.

“SLODES” provides a full range of services to design and create vodka brands, starting with the formation of the image and names, patent examination and patent trademark and industrial design procedures, and ending with the calculation of plan components, the production of packaging and bottling as well as everything that you might need to create and promote a successful new brand of vodka for your customers.

So how do you create a new brand of vodka? First, there are agencies that design vodka brands. In deciding to establish an alcohol and, in particular, a vodka brand, we take into account the peculiarities of the marketplace, and focus on specificity of the product price and evolving consumer market segments. In the first phase, we define the target audience and clarify what they prefer – a classic famous vodka brand or something new that they are ready to experiment with. Are they willing to pay more for prestige, or are they eager to try new brands of vodka without compromising their budget. We gradually develop the image of the future vodka brand, the design of its trademark, and a clear vision for product development. Consumer emotions and associations that arise from the mention of a specific brand of vodka play a significant role and must be taken into account for market promotion. When you create a brand of vodka, every detail matters— from the carefully thought out and researched flavor and recipe to the name and logo, from bottle design to label and packaging and finally to the slogan and legend. We also enlist the services of specialists in the field of Internet sales for promotional and viral marketing ,who organize the promotion of products within a single concept.

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