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Szklana karafka «Ornament»

VS-72-500- SRTU

VS-72-1000- SRTU

Номер патента 81969
Номер патента 81969


  • 0.5 L
  • 1.0 L

The idea was to create a carafe that is logically combined with a bottle of “Treugolka”, which was achieved by adapting the already famous ornament of the brand. Also regarding the image and the shape: the square-bodied carafe, resembles a shtof bottle, with a balanced neck, which is equal to one third of the total height of the product. These proportions are perfect from an ergonomic point of view and make the bottle convenient for uncorking and pouring. This carafe with stopper will look particularly attractive for cognacs or liqueurs, and is brought to life with an embossed ornament with flowers.

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1.0 Szklana karafka «Ornament»1.1 Szklana karafka «Ornament»
1.Szklana karafka «Ornament»
2.Szklana karafka «Ornament»
3.Szklana karafka «Ornament»
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